Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring, spring, spring

"Its beginning to look a lot like Rexburg!
Snow on all the trees,
Take a look at women and men, frozen once again,
With icicles and frozen toes galore!
Its beginning to look a lot like Rexburg!
Spring is lost from sight,
But the prettiest sight you'll see 
Is the tiniest patch of green on your own front lawn."

Thank you, thank you! Yes I am going to publish that and make millions : )
As happy as I am about my latest stoke of genius, I'm not happy that there is snow on the ground and it is the second day of Spring...
All I have to say is that Spring (or maybe I should say Summer because I think Rexburg skips Spring) better be BEAUTIFUL to make up for all this miserable weather.   I have great hopes for Spring semester...the best part is that two of my room mates and I are moving into a house!

Isn't it cute!
Look at our porch!

Speaking of Spring this is my schedule!

CHIN 101 (rock on!)
SW 260--intro to Social Work
REL 112--Book of Mormon pt. 2
BIO 264--Anatomy and Physiology (this will be the death of me!)

Any guesses what my major is?...SOCIAL WORK! Ah I'm so excited : )  I really want to minor in International Studies but I don't know if I can...I will just do a little persuading I guess.

Ok so I'm officially starting a new tradition called Tunes Tuesday! So every Tuesday I will post a new song from artists that strike my fancy...I hope you are all excited as I am because I have pretty awesome taste in music if I do say so myself...then again maybe I'm just biased : )

Here's the song of the day:

Ta ta for now! Much love,


Comment and let me know what plans you have for Spring!

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