Sunday, March 20, 2011

Acting on Impulse

This week I have two confessions.
1) I bought three boxes of girl scout cookies.
2) Friday I didn't go to bed until 5:30 in the morning.
Yeah college!

Earlier this week I went to Wal-Mart for groceries and there were the cutest little girl scouts selling cookies, so of course I had to buy some!  The Thin Mints were a must, but then again I love the peanut butter and chocolate ones, ooh and the straight peanut butter ones are good too...and that is how I ended up with three boxes of Girl Scout cookies.  Besides, it was for a good cause right?  When I got home I cracked open the Thin Mints and ate half the box. Ha! I just had no self control that day and I am perfectly ok with that!
Tempting little buggers!
Ok so confession number two...on Friday night my room mates came home from a basket ball game at around 11:30 and had magically obtained a pizza which looked so dang good we decided to bake it.  So there we were eating pizza at midnight until we felt sick.  PREFACE: my room mate Shayla (for reasons unknown) decided to take a job doing a paper route in middle of no where Idaho at two in the morning...every night.  Her friend on the basketball team, Ally, who is crazy and never sleeps decided that she would go with her to help out on the paper route.  Then on Wednesday night my other room mate Allysa decided she would join in the fun and go too.  On Friday Shayla's sister came to spend the night and also decided to go on the paper route.  I, being completely dumb and not wanting to miss out, decided to join them on the adventure.  After eating pizza we sat in the living room cracking jokes, goofing off, and killing time until we left at 2:00 AM.  When the time came we all hoped in the car and headed out to the barren waste land called Ashland where there was still a good 4-8 ft. of snow on the ground.  We put on N'Sync and jammed to that while singing at the top of our lungs.  Wow good memories of the 90's...anyways after about two hours the fun wore off very quickly.  I was so tired and the pizza we ate was doing funny stuff in my stomach.  I dozed off for a while but remembered thinking that it would never end!  To my relief, we got back into Rexburg at 5:30 Saturday morning.  We were all so wasted that we ran to our beds and were out before our heads hit the pillow.  It wasn't until noon that I emerged from my bedroom to find my other two room mates also just getting out of bed. 
P.S. that is the end of my confessions.  Feel free to read on to hear more about my oh so exciting weekend...if not, I thank you for making it this far : )

For breakfast/lunch we made German pancakes, which were delicious by the way!  We then went to the BYU-I center to shoot hoops and watch a boys basket ball game.  On returning home we watched more basketball!  We all got online and streamed the march madness games on our computers.  I must say that the BYU game was awesome!! I, just like everyone else, was expecting them to be crushed by Gonzaga but they pulled through in flying colors.  It was so refreshing to see them play as a well rounded team with better offense and not only rely on Jimmer to carry the team.  Anyways, after the BYU game in which they threw off everyone's brackets (muahaha) we returned to the BYU-I center to watch Allysa's basketball game at 8:00.  (And yes at this point I was a little basket balled out.)  Because it was just out of the question for her to eat dinner before the game, we got dinner at Subway after the game at 10:00.  To be honest, I don't know where the time went between then and midnight, but it wasn't until midnight that we started a movie, which was Stomp the Yard in case you were wondering.  And that my friends is how I stayed up until 2:30 last night.  Thank goodness for 1:00 church!

Ok, ok, so now I have had my rebellious fun and I promise this week I will be a more responsible adult : )  

Cherio! Much love,


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  1. No Nichole, don't be a responsible adult. Life is way more fun when you are immature :)