Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Ok it's confession time.
So the last few weeks I have just been coasting; not doing anything great but still getting by.  I have slacked off on my scripture reading, been staying up too late, and poorly managing my time.  Yesterday I just got so sick of this laziness and pathetic behavior.  I happened to be on youtube looking at some stupid video and the Mormon messages came to mind.  I got on to lds.org and the first thing I saw was the colorful and beautiful picture of a performance for the Kyiv Ukraine temple dedication.  As I watched the video and heard the testimonies of the members in Ukraine I was overcome with the spirit.  It was a much needed wake up call. I continued to watch more and more of the Mormon messages and before I knew it the clock read 1:00 AM.  The peace I felt from watching those videos was so addicting that I could've watched them for hours.  It is truly a blessing to having living prophets on the earth and modern revelation that makes it possible to come back to Christ when we have been lost.  Because these messages meant so much to me and were so uplifting, I wanted to share them with you!  Every day this week I will post a new video that has inspired me and given me the strength to be better. 

Oh and because I missed yesterday, I will post two videos today : ) Enjoy!

Much love,


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