Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sometimes I take my umbrella to school...

Hello? Testing, testing...

Monday it was actually warm in Rexburg! Exciting right? So then Tuesday morning I was feeling rather optimistic about going to class, and then I stepped was as though Rexburg was in its own little snow globe and the god of humor decide to give it a really good shake...
In 500 Days of Summer there is a scene where Tom is riding the bus and hears the Smith's song that reminds him  of Summer and he yells, "I HATE THIS SONG!"  So then everyone stares at him and he is asked to leave the bus.  Sometimes while walking to class I imagine myself yelling, "I HATE THE WIND!" and watching everyone stare at me and give me funny looks...I feel like writing a book called "Nichole and the Horrible, No Good, Very Blustery Day", in which I talk about how I am going to move to Africa.  haha.  
Ah I feel much better now that I got that all really isn't that bad, I'm just a big baby. 
Haha the only difference is that he has a cleaner room than me : )
It is common knowledge that I really don't like math.  Fortunately for me I have a really funny math professor that makes class enjoyable who also teaches in a way that I understand.  It has been a really helpful class that has taught me a lot about finances, mortgages, and the probability I will win the lottery, hence the name Math For the Real World.  I wish I would've written down all the goofy things my professor has said in class because they just crack me up!  Oh well.  But, I did remember some things he said in class today and I would like to share them.

Bro. Goodwin: "Sometimes I bring my umbrella to school with me...even when it is not raining because it makes me feel cool..."

Bro. Goodwin: "Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Hmm, that is a really romantic name for a store if you think about it..."

Bro. Goodwin: "We can't divide by zero, but Chuck Norris can.  But seriously, please don't try and divide by is in direct violation of the honor code."

Ok well it's time for homework, woot. Ta ta for now!

Much love,


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  1. Nichole you are so cute. hah I love your blog & the pictures & the quotes from bro goodwin :)
    So glad we had dinner on friday!