Monday, February 14, 2011

L is for the way you look at me...

Happy Valentines everyone!  For all you lovers out there have a fabulous day...for all the singles don't be a baby, don't whine about being single, enjoy this day and do something nice for someone else! In honor of Valentines (and as a little "how to" for the boys) here is a scene from the greatest love story, Pride and Prejudice : )

Wow. It's been a long time since I last posted...mostly because I am lazy and partly because I've been busy, but that is besides the point.
A word of caution before I proceed, brace yourself (maybe grab some popcorn) because I have a lot to spit out and some fun/pointless pictures.

First and foremost, THIS FRIDAY there is going to be an awesome Valentines Dance Fundraiser for The Global Outreach Foundation. Here is the flier:

Please bring some friends to support this great cause and have a good time while doing it!

Well last week was the Super Bowl and boy it was a blast!  We had a break the fast/Super Bowl party at a guys apartment in our ward.  The menu was:
1) Cookies
2) Chips and salsa
3) Soda pop
4) Super chocolatey brownies
5) Fries 
6) Pizza
and last but not least
7) Chicken wings

Don't judge.

After the game we played Nintendo 64 (awesome right!) and I totally lost at Mario Kart...but 007 was  by far my favorite : )
Liking the bowl is my specialty!
Shayla loves Asians so Allysa pretended she was one...
...I guess Jake is Asian too...
A little harmless vandalism in the boys parking lot after the game : )
Boy I'm going to miss football season...

So last week my room mate had a bag of potatoes that were going bad; her solution was to peel all of them and make good use of them.  When I got home from the gym I found mashed potatoes, funeral potatoes, and potato cake (don't ask...).

I love my room mates!  

Well I think that about does it for today, have a supercalafragalisticexpialadocious Valentines Day!

Oh by the way, this is the best song EVER, enjoy : )

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