Sunday, January 23, 2011

Martha Stewart Edition

Hello there everyone! Well this post is really for my parents so they can laugh at my continuing trend to burn things...the semester started off great with a fabulous Sunday dinner of stir-fry, muffins, and a delicious salad.  Lets just say it went down hill from there...It was silly of me to think that my bad cooking days were behind me, but when you wear a cute purple apron and have a perfect batch of muffins you feel like the greatest little homemaker : )  

Well, you catch my drift...

Fast forward a week and you get this:

Burnt grilled cheese

And here's where it gets even better:

It's a rock! It's coal!...It's 4 Pillsbury biscuits left in the oven for over two hours...

Well it was like any other night at the apartment; I grabbed a few things out of the fridge to whip up some dinner for myself.  I made myself some mac-n-cheese (a college staple) and then I thought it would be yummy to bake the rest of my biscuits.  Well the trouble began when I burned my mac-n-cheese while talking on the phone with my mom.  But that was the least of my problems.  I happily ate my gross dinner and proceeded to do some homework.  I walked back in the kitchen where Allysa my room mate was eating her dinner.  We were talking for a bit and couldn't put our finger on the burnt smell in the apartment.  We figured it was just from everyone making dinner on or cheap/lame stove that always stunk.  Then Julie walked in and started to investigate.  Well she being the smart one, opened the oven; well lo and behold we found the culprit.  After we were done laughing for a good five minutes we decide to do some dissecting and this is what we found:

There wasn't a single inch of these poor biscuits that weren't black.  Well there goes my dreams of being the future Martha Stewart.  I guess it just isn't in the cards for me! I hope you got a good laugh out of this and have a great week!

See ya, love ya, bye


P.S. never put anything in the oven without a timer.

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