Monday, January 10, 2011

College 101

Lo and behold I have finally made my way up to the BYU Idaho campus!  There were times when I never thought I would never survive the arduous wait to attend college.  Would I would say it was worth the wait? Well lets just say I'm practicing patience...

Thanks to the help of my FABULOUS parents, I am well settled in and have enough food to feed a third world country.  I never thought I fit all of my stuff in a room that would put Harry Potter's cupboard to shame, but I did!  I love my room mates, I love going to class, and most importantly I love my independence.  I have cooked every meal for myself and not eaten out once. (The best part is wearing my cute apron!)  I walk everywhere and it feels better than driving a car.  My favorite is when I get to walk to class in the snow, while it's snowing : ) At home, my life was eat, sleep, work, repeat.  Here it is almost like I have too much free time, and yes I am enjoying wasting it for the time being, but plan on using this time to be productive and read all of those classics that have been pilling up on my shelf.  On that same note, I will try my upmost to keep this blog current and write often, since I struggle with keeping a journal. 

Well thats it for today! Kwaheri rafiki                                                                                                         

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